ISBN 9789380222776,Disaster Mitigation

Disaster Mitigation



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Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789380222776

ISBN-10 9380222777


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Development of various sciences invoked the Medical Council of India (MCI) New Delhi to start a department of Emergency Medicine in Medical Colleges of India. Skills of various specialists are pooled to save a life in peril. Disaster of various natures may be man-made or natural were taking toll of many precious lives. This compelled the MCI to think about Emergency Medicine. Rehabilitation is a process which is very closely linked with medical relief. V arious undergraduate/Post graduate Physiotherapy Institutions in the country felt to include Disaster Rehabilitation in their Curriculum of teaching. The recent developments explained above encouraged me to write this book, 'Disaster Mitigation' as a first hand information which I dedicate to my late father; Dr. K. R. Dilkash as a hearty homage.