ISBN 9780761936442,Discourses on Aging and Dying

Discourses on Aging and Dying



SAGE India

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780761936442

ISBN-10 0761936440


Number of Pages 272 Pages
Language (English)

Social work

DISCOURSES ON AGING AND DYING FIRST EDITION (PAPERBACK) PRICE: RS.525 The inevitability of aging and dying doesn`t make accepting and adjusting to their truths any easier. This collection of essays probes these truths from various angles: philosophical, religious, socio-ethical and medical. Discourses on Aging and Dying is a topical book?it comes at a time when, on the one hand, the world is witnessing an increase in the percentage of the aged population, and, on the other, traditional practices of caring for the aged are being replaced by more impersonal, state-driven methods. This well organized discourse explores philosophical traditions?Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic perspectives?to explain the concept of life and death, and offers strategies for coping with aging and dying. It then delves into the socio-ethical issues related to these in the Indian context?India, with its huge population, poor bio-medical facilities and the radically changing attitudes towards the aged, is facing a crisis. The final section of the book addresses a pressing problem confronting Indian society: end-of-life care. Table of Contents Acknowledgements Introduction I. AGING AND DYING: SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVES Aging and Dying: The Vedantic Perspective LATE SWAMI H H BHAKTISVARUPA DAMODARA The Art of Dying with Dignity SWAMI PRABHANANDA Life and Immortality in Indian Thought SWAMI JITATMANANDA Death and Dying in Islam: Psychological and Spiritual Perspectives MANISHA SEN and SHAFI SHAIKH Death and Dying: A Buddhist Analysis MADHUMITA CHATTOPADHAY The Buddhist Way to Overcome Jara-Maranam AISWARYA BISWAS II. AGING AND DYING: ISSUES IN THE CARE OF THE ELDERLY Socio-Ethical Issues in the Existing Paradigm of Care for the Older Persons: Emerging Challenges and Possible Responses ANUPAMA DATTA Gender Issues in Care Giving AMRITA BAGGA Views on Aging and Dying among the Middle Class Bengali Hindu Elderly Residents of Kolkata PAROMITA GHOSH and ANINDITA DEY A Plea for a Holistic Approach to Aging K R G NAIR III. AGING AND DYING: END-OF-LIFE CARE Old Age, Disease and Terminal Care: A Hindu Perspective S K JINDAL Paternalistic Decisions for the Comate and Dying Aged: A Neo-Vedantic Perspective K J GEORGE Dying with Dignity CHANDRALEKHA DUTTAGUPTA Culture-Specific and Culture-Sensitive End-of-Life Care: A Case Study Based on Kashi Labh Mukti Bhawan, Banaras UMESH K SINGH Index