ISBN 9781409344285,Dk Eyewonder Mammals

Dk Eyewonder Mammals


Dorling Kindersley



Dorling Kindersley

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9781409344285

ISBN-10 1409344282


Number of Pages 60 Pages
Language (English)


About the Book: DK Eyewonder Mammals
Open your eyes to a world of discovery and step into the world of mammals
Eyewonder Mammals reveals the life behind some of your favourite animals from cheeky monkeys to brown bears. Discover which mammals lurk in the deep jungle, dwell in the forest and even those that live in water! From tiny shrews to enormous elephants and bloodsucking bats youll be surprised at all the animals which are mammals and what they can do.
Packed with fascinating facts and bright images, in the renowned Eyewonder format, younger readers will easily understand what mammals are and how they live. Ideal for school project support, Mammals engages kids with interactive activities from True or False games to Whats this? quizzes, and includes 100 bright stickers to play with