ISBN 9780230330375,Do Nothing

Do Nothing




Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780230330375

ISBN-10 0230330371

Hard Back

Number of Pages 168 Pages
Language (English)
In Do Nothing, Siroj Sorajjakool considers the provocative ideas of Chuang Tzu, one of China's most important Taoist philosophers. Though his thinking dates back to the fourth century, Chuang Tzu's philosophy has profound implications for our modern lives. It challenges our definitions of normalcy, success and happiness, suggesting that our rigid and unquestioning adherence to these so-called "norms" leads to existential restlessness and unease. Instead of striving, Chuang Tzu would say, be still. Instead of acquiring, embrace nothingness. Instead of seeking to understand the limitlessness of the universe during your brief and extremely limited existence, enjoy the wonder of it. Author Siroj Sorajjakool suggests that when we can embrace nothingness, we undergo a spiritual transformation that liberates us to see more clearly and truly find ourselves. Do Nothing is his very personal exploration of Chuang Tzu's philosophy, which may change how we view our aspirations, our joys and sorrows, our successes and failures and our own worth as individuals.

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