ISBN 9780340944554,Dog At The Door

Dog At The Door



Hachette Book Publishing

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780340944554

ISBN-10 0340944552

Paper Back

Number of Pages 150 Pages
Language (English)

Domestic animals & pets

One night, Mandy finds a distressed Golden Retriever tied up outside Animal Ark - but no sign of her owner. The dog is expecting puppies - and it doesn't look like there's long to wait! Who would leave a pregnant dog on a stranger's doorstep? Mandy can't believe anyone could be so cruel - and she's determined to find out who's responsible!
James spun round. 'Oh, cripes!' he whispered.

Kimble was scrabbling at the newspaper in her box, tearing it up and pawing it into a small mound. As James and Mandy watched, she started panting heavily.

'Kimble?' said Mandy in a low voice.

Kimble paused in her scrabbling and glanced up.

'She's got a sort of lost look in her eyes,' said James.

Kimble went back to ripping the paper. Her paws were moving faster this time and suddenly she gave a couple of anxious whines.

'I'm going for Mum and Dad!' said Mandy.