ISBN 9780007286676,Dog Training : How To Educate Your Dog

Dog Training : How To Educate Your Dog






Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780007286676

ISBN-10 0007286678


Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (English)

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Dog Training: How To Educate Your Dog is a pocket-sized guide to help dog owners train their pets. The book contains training techniques, games, behaviour tips, photo instructions, effective communication methods, and more. Summary Of The Book Dog Training: How To Educate Your Dog, published in 2004, is a guidebook to help people train their pet dogs. This is a pocket-sized book, thus making it convenient for carrying around. Dog Training: How To Educate Your Dog has expert information of the most effective and positive ways in which a dog can be taught about manners. The book has been divided into multiple sections, and the first one explains how one should select the ideal puppy that will suit the owner's lifestyle and personality. Furthermore, readers will also get to learn about techniques that make dogs loving, obedient, and friendly. The following section focuses on communication. It provides tips on how to communicate with pets, and understand their language. The third part of Dog Training: How To Educate Your Dog is packed with training exercises, along with clear cut instructions and step-by-step coloured photoguides. The book has advice which is suitable for dogs of different breeds and ages, thus making this pocket guide a very valuable treasure trove of information. Dog Training: How To Educate Your Dog is easy-to-follow, and will enable owners to turn their unruly pets into sociable and happy dogs. Topics like chewing, housetraining, and play biting are also included in this book. It also has many tricks and games for puppies to learn and play. Readers will also get to know how to prevent and solve various types of behavioural problems. This book not only turns a puppy into a wonderful pet, but also teaches readers how to become good owners. Filled with effective and fun lessons, this is the perfect quick-reference guide for anyone who has a pet dog.