ISBN 9788173660993,Doing Business With The French

Doing Business With The French


Shroff Publishers



Shroff Publishers

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788173660993

ISBN-10 8173660999


Number of Pages 150 Pages
Language (English)


Doing Business with the French" gives useful advice to Indians on how to interact effectively with the French. Knowledge of the social customs and business etiquette of France will help Indian businessmen, executives and students of management to acquire confidence and poise in dealing with their foreign associates.Complete professional gromming implies excellent interpersonal skills : Knowing how to greet and introduce people, what to wear, how to eat, what to talk about, how to negotiate, how to write letters and talk on the phone etc; Indians need not feel embarrassed about their ignorance of French social norms and manners. The insights provided by this guide can contribute to the promotion of Indo-French trade relations in the emerging, globalised economic scenario.The scope of the book is broadened by the inclusion of a glossary of approximately 1600 international business terms related to bankin, insurance, law, shipping, transport etc. in French and English. It is a valuable tool for all professionals and enterpreneurs who work with french - speaking people.It is the first complete and comprehensive guide to address the specific needs of India Inc.