ISBN 9789384757809,Doing Time With Nehru : The Story of an Indian - Chinese Family

Doing Time With Nehru : The Story of an Indian - Chinese Family


Yin Marsh


Zubaan Books



Zubaan Books

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789384757809

ISBN-10 9384757802


Number of Pages 180 Pages
Language (English)
The midnight knock on the door and the disappearance of a loved one into the hands of authorities is a 20th-century horror story familiar to many destined to live in interesting times." Yet, some stories remain untold. Such is the account of the internmentof ethnic Chinese who had settled for many years in northern India. When the Sino-Indian Border War of 1962 broke out, over 2,000 Chinese-Indians were rounded up, placed in local jails, then transported over a thousand miles away to the Deoli internment camp in the Rajasthan Desert. Born in Calcutta, India, in 1949 and raised in Darjeeling, Yin Marsh was just thirteen years old when first her father was arrested, and then she, her grandmother and her eight-year-old brother were all taken to the Darjeeling Jail, then sent to Deoli. Ironically, Nehru - India's first Prime Minister and the one who had authorized the mass arrests - had once "done time" in Deoli during Indias war for independence. Yin and her family were assigned to the same bungalow where Nehru had also been unjustly held. Eventually released, Marsh emigrated to America with her mother, attended college, married and raised her own family, even as the emotional trauma remained buried. When her own college-age daughter began to ask questions and when a friends wedding would require a return to her homeland, Yin was finally ready to face what had happened to her family. "