ISBN 9780340944622,Dolphin In The Deep

Dolphin In The Deep



Hachette Book Publishing

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780340944622

ISBN-10 0340944625

Paper Back

Number of Pages 150 Pages
Language (English)

Fishes & aquaria

A trip to the States is a dream come true for animal-lover Mandy Hope. She can't wait to meet the animals that live there! Mandy's been spending a lot of time at the local dolphinarium, playing with two tame dolphins, Bob and Bing. The dolphins are happy performing together - but when Bob dies, the lonely Bing pines for company. Mandy and her friend Joel are worried about his future - until they come up with a daring plan... But will it work?
Mandy's heart ached as the dolphin turned this way and that, gave a series of faint creaks, then gazed up at her again. Bob was so weak he could hardly move his flippers to stay afloat. His body dipped below the surface, then he struggled to rise.

And now Mandy began to be really afraid. Bob rocked from side to side, unable to use his flippers to steady himself. He was sinking, then feebly trying to rise with a desperate flick of his broad tail.

Mandy stood up and looked around. Bob needed help, and she was certain that he needed it right now.

'Mel!' she cried. 'Come quick!'