ISBN 9788129118202,Donot Stand So Closed To Me

Donot Stand So Closed To Me




Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788129118202

ISBN-10 8129118203

Hard Back

Number of Pages 108 Pages
Language (English)

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Somshuklla has a pure and undefeated poetic heart. Her poems resonate with this quality. Her poems are not constrained due to any so called perspective. As a river flows its own course. Somshuklla's creativity, particularly her language, is spontaneous and original. The most interesting thing about her which touches the readers' mind is her poetic eye---how she observes and interprets her world! What Somshuklla sees in the myriad moments of daily existence, she literally transcreates those visuals. As a reader when we read her poems, she coaxes us to share her journey into her world. We identify ourselves with the contours she etches through her deft interplay of words, and simultaneously we feel that she has compelled us to reinterpret the the world that we always though we knew so well--we recognize our known world in a different way. The visuals in her poems reveal her state of mind. Every time her poetic heart touches the reader' mind, the mind gets resuscitated. About the Author Ms. Shomshuklla I asked this questions many a time, 'who am I? The search didn't help me much, Grew up in the cultural moisture of Calcutta. Started a journey with music a decade back, got into writing with newspapers, being their columnist. Got into a drama company 'Kali', to express the inner agonies and queries of life, had the pleasure of being a director, an actor and a playwright. But found a creative voice in poetry- the poet's true space- freedom and the free spirit, joined by my teenage son Rik and my doting husband, not to forget the three dogs in our family, life is a journey of Dali and van Gogh. A creative living.