ISBN 9789383649440,DRONE Operations : A Jurislogue

DRONE Operations : A Jurislogue



Knowledge World Publishers

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789383649440

ISBN-10 9383649445


Number of Pages 216 Pages
Language (English)

Military Science

Unmanned aerial systems, popularly known as drones, have been in the news for all sorts of reasons--good and bad. The media has focussed equally on them for their use in hunting down terrorists and quickly eliminating them, as also for the inadvertent killing of innocent civilians and collateral damage to private property. Infringement of sovereignty is another pertinent area of international concern. Though historically associated with military missions, drones are increasingly proving their utility for internal security and disaster management. Lately, civilian and commercial uses are also proliferating. Indeed, drones have truly become a versatile flying platform. As an aerial machine, drones have started encroaching upon the common-user air space and are striving to integrate their operations with manned military aircraft and civil airliners. The problems of air traffic management and compliance of safety measures are formidable while civil and commercial uses infringe upon personal privacy and property rights. Third-party liability is another important issue for settlement. Comprehensive regulations to handle incumbent problems are not yet in place even as drones are racing ahead in technological development and operational mandates. This book will find interested audience among managers of aviation and air space, as well as persons from the Air Forces worldwide. It will also be of relevance to practising lawyers on air litigation, scholars of air law, as well as the aware layman.