ISBN 9788184651553,Drops Of Being

Drops Of Being



Susan M. Griffth-Jones

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788184651553

ISBN-10 8184651554


Number of Pages 195 Pages
Language (English)


The book recounts the story of a woman's adventure along the road of life. Noticing many things, she ends up assimilating her findings in a series of letters that are addressed to her loved one. Much of the story takes place inside a little hut by the side of a dusty road. Thirsty and aching for repost, this small abode beckons to her as she nears a small town in a desolate place where only poverty and strife are in abundance. She enters to find a group of people seated at the table, who are recounting their journeys and experiences of life to each other. She joins them and listens to their words. The truth of the inner path is thus laid bare before her as she learns of a woman's journey to spiritual understanding as she is led by a series of guides to knowledge of her True Being. Another person speaks of the state of the world today and of yesterday and what she fears may happen if we do not smarten up our interaction with Mother Earth. Twisting time into centuries, we find out that these letters were actually written generations ago (at the time of our world of today) and that the world has been through a 'Great Change', before reaching the time of the world of the reader of the letters. The whole book is geared towards our understanding that each one of us is but a mere drop of an essential force of Being displayed within the ocean of life; that we are mere specks of life force energy within the frame of the whole, tiny offshoots of its magnificence, but absolutely essential within the pattern of the fabric of existence that is really just one vast Being-ness.

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