ISBN 9789382127895,Du Four Year Course Sem-1: College Chemistry, Volume 1

Du Four Year Course Sem-1: College Chemistry, Volume 1



Ane Books Pvt. Ltd

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789382127895

ISBN-10 9382127895

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Number of Pages 540 Pages
Language (English)


The book entitled College Chemistry is appearing in eight volumes, corresponding to eight semesters of the New Four Year B.Sc. (Hons) course of University of Delhi or any other University of India with similar course of study. This volume I, includes, twelve chapters, with three chapters of organic chemistry and two chapters on physical chemistry to complete course of paper I. Four chapters of inorganic chemistry for Paper 2 completes the course content theory part of first semester, 2013 onwards. The book also includes three chapters on practical content of first semester for all the three branches of chemistry being studied - organic, physical and inorganic chemistry. It is the first volume in the new course, and includes basics of bonding, orbital and electronic structures both in organic and inorganic chemistry. A simple way of understanding of stereochemistry of organic molecules has been given. Under physical chemistry, two states of matter - gaseous and liquid states are discussed to bring it to the present day knowledge in these topics, still keeping it to graduate studies. Inorganic chemistry, the main chapters are atomic structure- limited to ionic bonding, periodicity in properties of elements, basics of bonding and acid-base behaviour of molecules. Further discussion on these topics is left for volume II for second semester. Practicals include, the techniques of organic chemistry, properties of liquids, such as surface tension and viscosity. Besides, the quantitative aspects are dealt with in volumetric analysis of acid and bases. By including the practicals on chromatographic separation of inorganic ions, one is able to learn the preparative aspect of practical chemistry. With this, the book is complete in itself for the first semester of new four year Bachelor of Science (Chemistry Hons. Program) of University of Delhi.