ISBN 9788126903139,Dynamic of Sanctions in World Affairs

Dynamic of Sanctions in World Affairs


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Atlantic Books

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788126903139

ISBN-10 8126903139


Number of Pages 294 Pages
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The existing literature on sanctions consists of either case studies which deal with the particular issues associated with the selected states or articles of the journals which plead, predominantly, the case of sanction-imposing states or newspaper write-ups and editorial comments which analyse the current situation. There is no book on sanctions as such.
An attempt has been made in this book to cover up all the selective aspects of the existing literature on sanctions. It discusses concepts, issues, dilemmas, paradox, theories, perspectives of sender and target states as allies and as adversaries, the goals, the objectives, the quantum of success and failure or effectiveness and ineffectiveness. These crucial issue-areas of sanctions run in fact, like common thread, through all the following Chapters:
(1) The Humanitarian Intervention: Sanction Fixation
(2) Sanction Paradox
(3) Theories of Sanctions
(4) South Korea and North Korea
(5) Iran and Iraq
(6) India and Pakistan
(7) UN Sanction
(8) Conclusion
Thus, the book takes the comprehensive view of sanctions. And in this respect, out of the existing literature of "exclusive" nature, it endeavours to develop the "inclusive" dimension. As such it is hoped that the readers shall have all aspects of sanctions in a single Volume, not easily available elsewhere.

About Author:
S.J.R. Bilgrami (b. 1939), Professor, former Head of the Department of Political Science and Dean Faculty of Social Sciences, Jamia Millia Islamia, (now retired), got his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Aligarh Muslim University. His research thesis was on India's Role in the UNO, which was published in 1969. His other notable books are: International Organisations, 1977, reprinted 1979, 1983; SALT-II, 1981; The Arms Race and Disarmament, 1982; Nehru, Indian Polity and World Affairs, edited, 1992 and Current Issues of International Politics, 1997. His special fields of interest are International Politics, International Organisations and Foreign Policy. He has contributed some hundred articles to various academic journals and seminars including a piece in Encyclopedia of Cold War, edited by Stephen Burwood, Garland Publishing, New York.
Professor Bilgrami has been the coordinator of UGC sponsored scheme of preparing Audio/Video course in Political Science and recorded 189 lectures in seven core papers: Theory, Thought, Comparative Politics, Indian Republic, Indian Government and Politics, International Politics and Public Administration. Marquis Who's Who In The World has included his biographical data in its 14th edition, December, 1996.