ISBN 9788120326088,E-Government: The Science Of The Possible

E-Government: The Science Of The Possible



PHI learning Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788120326088

ISBN-10 8120326083

Hard Back

Number of Pages 312 Pages
Language (English)


Today, there is a surge of interest in e-government and its implementation. Many governments across the world are laying great emphasis on delivering speedy and reliable services to the citizens and businesses through the use of Information Technology and Communication Technology. In India too, particularly in states like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, many e-government projects have been successfully implemented, which have immensely benefited the ordinary citizens. The author, with years of practical experience in e-government implementation, gives a masterly analysis of e-government and its benefits, role of people, process and technology in e-government, public-private partnership models, e-government standards, and issues relating to security, digital divide, and cyber law. The 9 Case Studiesin the G2B, G2C and G2G segments considerably enhance the value of the book. The theoretical aspects are ably illustrated with the help of diagrams, screenshots, tables and exhibits. All these features, together with the clear exposition of the principles and practice of e-government, should make this book a valuable guide and a cherished companion for all practitioners of e-government in the public sector as also in the IT industry. Besides, students of management would immeasurably benefit by reading this timely, well-balanced and well-researched study.