ISBN 9788178357690,Early History of Jammu Region (Pre-Historic of 6th Century A. D.), 1st Vol.

Early History of Jammu Region (Pre-Historic of 6th Century A. D.), 1st Vol.


Raj Kumar



Kalpaz Publications

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788178357690

ISBN-10 8178357690

Hard Back

Number of Pages 351 Pages
Language (English)

Archaeological theory

Early History of Jammu Region (Pre-historic to 6th Century A.D.), has been written in the interest of Brahminical historians to understand the basic concept of the Scientific History which have been originated from the Sudhra Family or the Dalit Kings. Modern historians after 1947 have neglected the Sudhra Race without any reasoning and logic dependent on nothing else than their professions. Moreover, Dalits have practical experiences of the 'Life' in human form, which are neglected by the Upper Classes of the society as a degraded race of the world history. The Historian of Sudhra background gives a challenge to them that original History in natural form is going to predict as a threat for those who do not believe in the Sudhra Race.