ISBN 9788121512985,Early Travels in India

Early Travels in India


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MRML Publisher

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788121512985

ISBN-10 8121512980

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Number of Pages 365 Pages
Language (English)
The book contains the narratives of seven Englishmen travelled in northern and western India during the reign of Akbar and Jahangir. There were several other travellers like Sir Thomas Roe, whose lengthy account appears in a separate reprint edition. In the case of none of these narratives is a manuscript source available hence the author had to go back to the earlier edition/editions. Since each of the narrative had its own introduction, little need be said here by way of preliminary.
 William Foster was a historiographer (1863–1951) of Records at the India Officer Library. He joined the India Office Library in 1882. He was the assistant to the Registrar and Superintendent of Records in 1901, besides this, he was also the Secretary of the Hakluyt Society, 1893–1902.
     Some of the records edited by him include: The Embassy of Sir Thomas Roe to India 1615– 19; The First Letter-book of the East India Company 1600– 19; Early Travels in India; The Travels of Thomas Best to East India 1612–14; and The Travels of Nicholas Downtown to East Indies 1614– 15.