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Earthquakes : All We Need To Know About Them


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Atlantic Publishers and Distributors Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788124801888

ISBN-10 8124801886


Language English
Man is powerless in the face of the wrath of Nature. Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and cyclones cannot be prevented. However, their adverse effects can be considerably reduced if the people are prepared and have adopted the relevant mitigation measures. Earthquakes do not kill by themselves. It is our lack of knowledge about the level of risk that we face and how to make our dwellings earthquake-resistant, that does. It is agonizing to see that villages and buildings, rebuilt after past earthquakes, are flattened once again by the next ones. This happens only because the new structures that are put up in place of the collapsed ones are as vulnerable as the old. Basic precautionary measures, which can reduce the extent of damage, are not taken. The help rendered by the Govt. and Non-Govt. Organisations (NGOs) in this regard is not sufficient. The ordinary people of India have to fend for themselves. It is therefore imperative that they learn about disaster management and take mitigation measures on their own to reduce damage and losses. The aim of this book is to increase the awareness of the people about earthquakes, the risks involved and what can be done to mitigate the effects of such a disaster. It also explains the methods of inspection and repair of earthquake- affected buildings. The book is not a theoretical treatise on earthquakes. It is meant to be a 'do it yourself' handbook. Each chapter is self-contained and can be photocopied and distributed to those who need to know what to do to contain the damage and destruction caused by earthquakes. About Author: Col. Bhaskar Sarkar, a graduate in Civil Engineering and a postgraduate in Military Science and Management, served in the Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army for 28 years. Presently he is working as a civil engineer and management consultant?the profession which gave him a deep insight into people's preferences while constructing