ISBN 9789381638569,ECO 6 Economic Theory

ECO 6 Economic Theory



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381638569

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ECO 6 Economic Theory CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Fundamental Problems of Economic Systems and Basic Concepts Chapter1 Fundamental Problems of Economic Systems Chapter2 Basic Concepts Chapter3 Economic Systems Block 2 Consumer Behaviour and the Demand Theory Chapter4 Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility and Equimarginal Utility Chapter5 Indifference Curve Analysis Chapter6 Consumer Demand Chapter7 Elasticity of Demand Block 3 Theory of Production Chapter8 The production Function I Chapter9 The production Function II Chapter10 Law of Supply and Elasticity of Supply Chapter11 Theory of Costs and Cost Curves Block 4 Theory of Price Chapter12 Equilibrium Concept and Conditions Chapter13 Perfect Competition Chapter14 Monopoly Chapter15 Monopolistic Competition Chapter16 Oligopoly Block 5 Distribution of Income Chapter17 Theory of Distribution Chapter18 Distribution of Income I : Wages and Interest Chapter19 Distribution of Income II : Rent and Profit Chapter20 Inequality of Income QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2003 2. Solution Paper Dec 2004 3. Solution Paper June 2005 4. Solution Paper June 2006 5. Solution Paper Dec 2006 6. Solution Paper June 2007 7. Solution Paper Dec 2007 8. Solution Paper June 2008 9. Solution Paper Dec 2008 10. Solution Paper June 2009 11. Question Paper June 2010 12. Question Paper Dec 2010 13. Question Paper June 2011 14. Question Paper Dec 2011