ISBN 9789381638576,ECO 7 Elements Of Statistics

ECO 7 Elements Of Statistics



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381638576

ISBN-10 9381638578


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ECO 7 Elements of Statistics CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Basic Statistical Concepts Chapter1 Meaning and Scope of Statistics Chapter2 Organising a Statistical Survey Chapter3 Accuracy, Approximation and Errors Chapter4 Ratios, Percentages and Rates Block 2 Collections, Classification and Presentation of Data Chapter5 Collection of Data Chapter6 Classification of Data Chapter7 Tabular Presentation Chapter8 Diagrammatic Presentation Chapter9 Graphic Presentation Block 3 Measures of Central Tendency Chapter10 Concept of Central Tendency and Mean Chapter11 Median Chapter12 Mode Chapter13 Geometric, Harmonic and Moving Averages Block 4 Measures of Dispersion and Skewness Chapter14 Measures of DispersionI Chapter15 Measures of DispersionII Chapter16 Measures of Skewness QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2006 2. Solution Paper Dec 2006 3. Question Paper June 2007 4. Question Paper Dec 2007 5. Solution Paper June 2008 6. Solution Paper Dec 2008 7. Question Paper June 2009 8. Solution Paper Dec 2009 9. Solution Paper June 2010 10. Question Paper Dec 2010 11. Solution Paper June 2011 12. Question Paper Dec 2011 13. Question Paper June 2012 14. Question Paper Dec 2012