ISBN 9789381638750,ECO2 AccountancyI

ECO2 AccountancyI



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381638750

ISBN-10 9381638756


Number of Pages 218 Pages
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ECO 2 AccountancyI CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Accounting Fundamentals Chapter1 Basic Concepts of Accounting Chapter2 The Accounting Process Chapter3 Cash Book and Bank Reconciliation Chapter4 Other Subsidiary Books Chapter5 Bill of Exchange Block 2 Final Accounts Chapter6 Concepts Relating to Final Accounts Chapter7 Final Accounts I Chapter8 Final Accounts II Chapter9 Errors and Their Rectification Block 3 Consignment and Joint Ventures Chapter10 Consignment AccountsI Chapter11 Consignment AccountsII Chapter12 Consignment AccountsIII Chapter13 Joint Venture Accounts Block 4 Accounts from Incomplete Records Chapter14 SelfBalancing System Chapter15 Accounts from Incomplete RecordsI Block 5 Accounts of Nontrading concerns, Depreciation, Provisions and Reserves Chapter16 Accounts of Nontrading ConcernsI Chapter17 Accounts of Nontrading ConcernsII Chapter18 DepreciationI Chapter19 DepreciationII Chapter20 Provisions and Reserves QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June2003 2. Solution Paper June 2006 3. Solution Paper Dec 2006 4. Solution Paper June 2007 5. Solution Paper Dec 2007 6. Solution Paper June 2008 7. Solution Paper Dec 2008 8. Question Paper June 2009 9. Question Paper Dec 2009 10. Solution Paper June 2010 11. Question Paper Dec 2010 12. Solution Paper June 2011 13. Question Paper Dec 2011 14. Solution Paper June 2012 15. Question Paper Dec 2012 16. Question Paper June 2013 17 Question Paper Dec 2013