ISBN 9780199455775,Economic Survey (2013 - 14)

Economic Survey (2013 - 14)



Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780199455775

ISBN-10 0199455775


Number of Pages 382 Pages
Language (English)

Economic statistics

Every year, the ministry of finance wing of the government of India publishes a document to review the developments that the Indian economy has undergone in the last 12 months. The ministry of finance of the Indian government publishes a document every year detailing the developments in the various sectors of the Indian economy in the last 12 months. It briefly discusses the major development programmes that the government has implemented and reviews their respective performances. It also talks about the various policies of the government and the short-term and medium-term future prospects that the Indian economy is likely to embark upon. It is presented during the budget sessions and to both the houses of the parliament. All aspects of the data are covered in sufficient detail and with statistical data to support it. For anyone interested in the Indian economy, ranging from students to policy makers, this document can be extremely beneficial. This document serves well for government agencies, economists, business practitioners and researchers too. It may also be useful for the media.