ISBN 9780199231300,Economics An Analytical Introduction

Economics An Analytical Introduction



Oxford University Press India

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780199231300

ISBN-10 0199231303

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Witztum's text is a robust and challenging introduction to the key principles of economics. It delivers a comprehensive and focused view of the logical core of economic analysis. Presented in a clear and accessible form, the content is nonetheless sufficiently developed to take students beyond mere fundamentals, teaching them to apply economic theories and models to recognisable, real life examples. The book is therefore able to prepare students for further study of economics rather than to simply acquaint them with basic concepts. The numerous exercises, questions and model answers are designed to help students better understand the relationship between models and reality. Its pure and clean, no nonsense approach quickly takes the reader to this point of understanding.

Table of Contents:
Introduction Part One The Individual's behaviour Production and the behaviour of the firm Market structures The market for factors General equilibrium and welfare economics Market failures: natural monopoly, externalities, and public goods Part Two