ISBN 9780761995852,Education & Children with Special Needs : From Segregation to Inclusion

Education & Children with Special Needs : From Segregation to Inclusion


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9780761995852

ISBN-10 0761995854


Number of Pages 228 Pages
Language (English)


This important book discusses the principles and practice of moving from segregated education to integration and then inclusion in the context of educating children with disabilities in present day India. The actions to be taken are examined at two levels: the level of the system and that of the school. The contributors accordingly discuss a number of important issues including legislative measures, administrative and financial support, equality of opportunities, teacher training, classroom organisation, curriculum modification and parental involvement. Examples of inclusive schooling at work are also provided. Table of Contents Introduction MITHU ALUR I. NATIONAL PERSPECTIVES ON POLICY: Education for the Disabled P R DASGUPTA Special Needs Policy in India MITHU ALUR Special Educational Needs of Children and Young Adults: An Unfinished Agenda N K JANGIRA Teacher Training for Inclusive Education in Developing Countries: The UNESCO Experience ANUPAM AHUJA Integrated Education for Disabled Children: Cost Effective Approaches M N G MANI Integrating Disability Concerns in Primary Education: The Maharashtra Experience MADHURI PAI From Integration to Inclusive Education: Seva-in-Action RUMA BANERJEE Inclusive Education Experiences PEARL KAVOORI Culture-Specific Paradigms of Integration in Developing Countries USHA SINGH Towards Equalisation of Opportunity for Children with Special Needs P T AUGUSTINE Inclusive Education: The Jaipur Experience DEEPAK KALRA Integrated Education: Reflections on the Calcutta Experience REENA SEN Whole-School Approach and Curriculum Modification SUDESH MUKHOPADHYAY An Integrated School Experience AMENA LATIF II. INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES ON POLICY AND PRACTICE: International Policy and Practice in the Education of Disabled Children MARK VAUGHAN Issues at the System and School Level SEAMUS HEGARTY Three Decades of Integrated Education KARL-GUSTAF STUKAT Integration to Inclusion: Change of Paradigm from the Danish Experience PETER GAM HENRIKSEN Integrative Education in Israel RACHEL GOLAN Mind Versus Body: Educational Bias and its Effect in the Cerebral Palsied MARGARET YEKUTIEL Bishopwood Story MARK VAUGHAN Equalisation of Opportunity: What Does it Mean? MALINI CHIB Annexure: Fact Sheet on the Conferences Index