ISBN 9788132102939,Education for Sustainable Development : Challenges, Strategies and Practices in a Globalizing World

Education for Sustainable Development : Challenges, Strategies and Practices in a Globalizing World


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788132102939

ISBN-10 8132102932

Hard Back

Number of Pages 276 Pages
Language (English)


Education for Sustainable Development: Challenges, Strategies, and Practices in a Globalizing World carves a path for future educators. It demonstrates that to pursue education for sustainable development, it is vital that one crosses disciplinary, institutional, and epistemological borders. The articles explore sustainable development as a process that embraces issues related to environment, poverty, health, security, democracy, gender, and human rights; they conceive sustainable development education as focusing on the holistic development of the body and mind. This idea is also central to the Gandhian tradition of life knowledge and ?Nai Talim? (New Education). This collection focuses on the creation of sustainable education practices that are integrated into and relevant to the needs and practices of the larger world. It also dwells upon the failure of traditional education practices in addressing the problems of globalization. The uniqueness of this compilation is in the multiple perspectives it provides, establishing workable links between local communities, governments and international organizations to enable sustainable development. It would be a rich reference resource for those working in the fields of education, globalization, Southeast Asian Studies, humanities, cultural studies, social and political sciences, economics and development studies. Table of Contents Introduction ANASTASIA NIKOLOPOULOU, FARID MIRBAGHERI and TAISHA ABRAHAM I: GLOBALIZATION AND THE POLITICS OF EXCLUSION Caste, Exclusion and Marginalized Group in India: Dalit Deprivation in India SUKHADEO THORAT Education in a Globalizing Era: Implications for Disabled Girls ANITA GHAI II: FROM RIO TO INDIGENOUS CULTURAL RESOURCES: EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Education for Sustainable Development: The Concept and Its Connection to Tolerance and Democracy MICHAEL J SCOULLOS Education for Sustainable Tribal Development ARCHANA PRASAD Premodern Indigenous Practitioners? Dilemmas in a Postmodern Globalized World JANET CHAWLA III: EMPOWERING THE HUMAN CAPITAL: CHALLENGES AND STRATEGIES IN INDIA Market, Deprivation and Education in the Age of Globalization RAVI KUMAR Literacy Instruction in Indian Schools SHOBHA SINHA Empowering Pedagogy: Potentials and Limitations SADHNA SAXENA Squaring National Pride with Tolerance: A Lesson for School Textbooks NARAYANI GUPTA Indian School Texbooks TEESTA SETALVAD IV: ETHICAL PATHS TO GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP Global Ethical Options in the Framework of Development: Gandhian Perspectives NEELAKANTA RADHAKRISHNAN Reconciling Identity and Citizenship: A Case for Moral Cosmopolitanism in a Divided World M SATISH KUMAR Islam and Liberal Peace FARID MIRBAGHERI Index