ISBN 9788126909421,Education in India: Scope and Scenario

Education in India: Scope and Scenario


Rajni Joshi






Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788126909421

ISBN-10 8126909420


Number of Pages 168 Pages
Language (English)


Education encompasses teaching and learning specific skills; something less tangible but more profound, i.e. the imparting of knowledge, developing wisdom and a sense of judgement. Moreover, education upholds cultural values which contributes to the development of a civil society.
Considering the multidisciplinary nature of education, this book provides a deep insight into the various shades of Indian education--traditional as well as modern. In addition, different stages and processes of language development, aspects of emotional intelligence, concepts of distance education, e-books, etc. and their advantages and disadvantages have been comprehensively dealt with in this book. Efforts have been made to paint many shades of education on a single canvas by the artists of this field in a unique way.
Furthermore, this book seeks to provide solutions to many educational and social problems as well through brilliant write ups. Useful guidelines have been given for students of education, teachers, teacher-educators, researchers and educational planners.

About Author:
Rajni Joshi, retired Lecturer in Education (Reader's grade), worked as Director in Sirifort College of Computer Technology and Management, Delhi. She did M.Ed. and M.Phil. (Edn.) from Central Institute of Education, Delhi and got Ph.D. (Edn.) degree from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi.
She specialises in Language Education, Teacher Education, Special Education and Women's Studies. She has contributed a number of articles in various journals and magazines and worked as an independent researcher on a research project (approved and financed by the U.G.C.).
At present, she is working as Principal in B.M. College of Education, Kundli (Sonepat).