ISBN 9789381970942,EEC 14 Agricultural Development in India

EEC 14 Agricultural Development in India



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381970942

ISBN-10 9381970947


Number of Pages 262 Pages
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EEC 14 Agricultural Development in India CONTENTS COVERED Block1 Indian Agriculture: Institutional Perspectives Unit1 Land Relations in PreBritish India Unit2 Agrarian Relations during British Rule in India Unit3 Land Reforms During 194770 Unit4 Land Reforms: Programme and Performance after 1970 Block2 Agricultural Economy of India Unit5 Role and Importance of Agriculture in Indian Economy Unit6 Diversification Trends of Indian Agriculture Unit7 Forestry in India: Linkage with Agricultural Sector Unit8 Rural Industrialisation Programme Block3 Agricultural Resources Unit9 Land Utilisation and Cropping Pattern Unit10 Irrigation in India Unit1 Dryland Farming and Agroclimatic Zoning Block4 Technological Change in Agriculture Unit12 Green Revolution: Nature and Extent Unit13 New Technology and Distribution of Gains Unit14 Trends in Agricultural Productivity Block5 State and Agricultural Sector Unit15 Capital Formation in Indian Agriculture Unit16 Agricultural Marketing in India Unit17 Cooperative Movement in Agriculture Unit18 Cooperative Legislations in India Block6 Issues Before Agricultural Development Unit19 Agricultural Pricing Policy in India Unit20 Agricultural Taxation and Subsidies Unit21 Public Distribution System and Food Security Unit22 Agriculture in the Context of Globalisation of the Economy Question Papers 1. Solution Paper June 2010 2. Solution Paper Dec 2010 3. Solution Paper June 2011 4. Solution Paper Dec 2011 5. Solution Paper June 2012