ISBN 9789381066386,EEC 7 Industrial Development In India

EEC 7 Industrial Development In India



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381066386

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EEC 7 Industrial Development in India Block 1 Industrial Economics: Introduction Unit1 Industry and Economic Development Unit2 Industry and Sectoral Linkages Unit3 Industrial Classification and Sources of Data Block 2 Indian Industry in the International Context Unit4 Globalisation and Indian Industry Unit5 International Competitiveness of Indian Industry Unit6 Privatisation and Issues Relating to Disinvestment Policy Block 3 Industrial Development of India Unit7 Industrial Structure at the Time of Independence Unit8 Industrial Policy (Postindependence) Unit9 New Industrial Policy and Economic Reforms Unit10 Industrial Growth and Pattern Block 4 Size of Industry in India Unit11 Significance of Size Unit12 Major Large Scale Industries Unit13 Small Scale Industries Block 5 Industrial Organisation and Ownership Structure Unit14 Public, Private, Joint and Cooperative Sectors Unit15 Private Corporate Sector Unit16 MNCs and its Growing Role Unit17 Industrial Competition and Monopoly Unit18 Corporate Governance Block 6 Industrial Productivity Unit19 Concept and Measurement of Productivity Unit20 Productivity in Indian Industries Unit21 Industrial Sickness Unit22 Underutilisation of Capacity Block 7 Pricing of Industrial Products Unit23 Industrial Pricing and Market Structure Unit24 Pricing in India Block 8 Financing of Industry Unit25 Financing through Equity Unit26 Financing through Debt Unit27 Industrial Financial Institutions Block 9 Location and Dispersion Unit28 Location of Industries Unit29 Dispersion and Regional Imbalance Block 10 Industrial Labour Unit30 Employment Dimensions of Indian Industry Unit31 Industrial Legislation Unit32 Industrial Relations Unit33 Exit Policy and Social Security Unit34 Wages and Problems of Bonus Question Papers 1. Solution Paper Dec 2009 2. Solution Paper June 2010 3. Solution Paper Dec 2010 4. Solution Paper June 2011 5. Solution Paper Dec 2011 6. Solution Paper June 2012