ISBN 9789381638828,EEG 6 Understanding Poetry

EEG 6 Understanding Poetry



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381638828

ISBN-10 9381638829


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EEG 6 Understanding Poetry CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Shakespeare and Milton Unit1 Introduction to Poetry Unit2 Shakespeare Unit3 John Milton Block 2 Donne, Pope and Gray Unit4 John Donne Unit5 Alexander pope Unit6 Thomas Gray Block 3 The Romantic Poets Unit7 William Wordsworth Unit8 S.T. Coleridge Unit9 Lord Byron Unit10 Shelley Unit11 John Keats Block 4 Victorian Poetry Unit12 Alfred Lord Tennyson Unit13 Robert Browning Unit14 Matthew Arnold Unit15 Thomas Hardy and Robert Bridges Block 5 The Modern Poets Unit16 W.B. Yeats Unit17 T.S. Eliot Unit18 Auden and Spender Block 6 The American Poets Unit19 Ralph Waldo Emerson Unit20 Walt Whitman Unit21 H.W. Longfellow and Edgar Allan Poe Unit22 Emily Dickinson Unit23 Robert Frost Block 7 The Indian Poets Unit24 Rabindranath Tagore and Sarojini Naidu Unit25 Nissim Ezekiel and Kamala Das Unit26 A.K. Ramanujan and Jayant Mahapatra QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2006 2. Solution Paper Dec 2006 3. Solution Paper June 2007 4. Solution Paper June 2008 5. Question Paper Dec 2008 6. Question Paper June 2009 7. Question Paper Dec 2009 8. Question Paper June 2010 9. Question Paper Dec 2010 10. Question Paper June 2011 11. Solution Paper Dec 2011 12. Solution Paper June 2012 13. Question Paper Dec 2012 14. Question Paper June 2013