ISBN 9788178293707,Effective Advertising : Understanding When, How, and Why Advertising Works

Effective Advertising : Understanding When, How, and Why Advertising Works


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Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788178293707

ISBN-10 8178293706


Number of Pages 214 Pages
Language (English)

Information Technology

Effective Advertising evaluates and summarizes an extensive body of research on advertising effectiveness. The primary focus of the book is on the immediate and carryover effects of advertising on consumer choice, sales and market share. The book further reviews research on the rich variety of ad appeals and suggests which appeals work, explaining when, how, and why they work. Table of Contents I. UNDERSTANDING ADVERTISING: Evaluating Advertising Sweet, Secret Workings of Advertising A General Theory of Firms? Advertising Measures of Advertising?s Effectiveness Research Designs to Assess Advertising Effectiveness II. FINDINGS FROM MARKET STUDIES: WHEN AND HOW MUCH ADVERTISING WORKS: Market Effects of Advertising Intensity Advertising?s Dynamic and Content Effects III. FINDINGS FROM EXPERIMENTAL STUDIES: HOW AND WHY ADVERTISING WORKS: Advertising as Persuasion Argument in Advertising Emotion in Advertising Endorsement in Advertising Index