ISBN 9789351109051,Effective Modern C++

Effective Modern C++


Scott Meyers


Shroff Publishers



Shroff Publishers

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351109051

ISBN-10 9351109054


Number of Pages 356 Pages
Language (English)

Computer programming

Coming to grips with C++11 and C++14 is more than a matter of familiarizing yourself with the features they introduce (e.g., auto type declarations, move semantics, lambda expressions, and concurrency support). The challenge is learning to use those features effectively?so that your software is correct, efficient, maintainable, and portable. That?s where this practical book comes in. It describes how to write truly great software using C++11 and C++14?i.e. using modern C++. Topics include: The pros and cons of braced initialization, noexcept specifications, perfect forwarding, and smart pointer make functions The relationships among std::move, std::forward, rvalue references, and universal references Techniques for writing clear, correct, effective lambda expressions How std::atomic differs from volatile, how each should be used, and how they relate to C++'s concurrency API How best practices in "old" C++ programming (i.e., C++98) require revision for software development in modern C++ Effective Modern C++ follows the proven guideline-based, example-driven format of Scott Meyers' earlier books, but covers entirely new material. About the Author For more than 20 years, Scott Meyers? Effective C++ books (Effective C++, More Effective C++, and Effective STL) have set the bar for C++ programming guidance. His clear, engaging explanations of complex technical material have earned him a worldwide following, and they keep him in demand as a trainer, consultant, and conference presenter. Winner of the 2009 Dr. Dobb?s Excellence in Programming Award, he has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Brown University. His web site is