ISBN 9789381638408,EHI 2 India: Earliest Times To The 8th Century A.D.

EHI 2 India: Earliest Times To The 8th Century A.D.



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381638408

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EHI 2 India: Earliest Times to Century A.D. CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Environment and Early Patterns of Adaptation Unit1 India : Physical Features Unit2 Regions in Indian History : Formation and Characteristics Unit3 HunterGatherers : Archaeological Perspective Unit4 Origins of Agriculture and Domestication of Animals Block 2 Harappan Civilization Unit5 Antecedents, Chronology and Geographical Spread Unit6 Material Characteristics Unit7 Nature of Contacts Unit8 Society and Religion Unit9 Diffusion and Decline Block 3 Evolution of Early Indian Society: 2000 B.C. to 1000 B.C. Unit10 Chalcolithic and Early Iron AgeI Unit11 Chalcolithic and Early Iron AgeII Unit12 The Early Vedic Society Unit13 Changes in the Later Vedic Phase Block 4 India : 6th to 4th Century B.C. Unit14 Janapadas and the Mahajanapadas Unit15 Rise of Urban Centres Unit16 Society and Economy Unit17 Buddhism, Jainism and Other Religious Ideas Block 5 Polity, Society and Economy :320 B.C. to 200 B.C. Unit18 Magadhan Territorial Expansion Unit19 Economy of the Mauryan Empire Unit20 Administrative Organisation and Relationship with Other Powers Unit21 Asoka's Policy of Dhamma Unit22 Disintegration of the Empire Block 6 India : Century 200 B.C. to 300 A.D. Unit23 NorthernWestern and Northern India Unit24 Expansion in Network of Trade and Urbanisation Unit25 Development in Religion Unit26 Art and Architecture Block 7 State and Society in South India : 200 B.C. to 300 A.D. Unit27 Early State Formation in Deccan Unit28 Early State Formation in South India (Tamilaham) Unit29 Agrarian Settlements and Agrarian Society in Peninsular India Unit30 Expansion of Trade and Urban Centres Unit31 Growth of Tamil Language and Literature Block 8 Indian Polity :C. 300800 A.D. Unit32 Rise and Growth of Guptas Unit33 Economy, Society and Polity : Guptas Unit34 PostGupta Kingdoms in North India Unit35 Kingdoms in the Deccan and the South Block 9 Transition to Early Medieval India and more