ISBN 9780552554107,Eldest: The Inheritance Cycle (Book 2)

Eldest: The Inheritance Cycle (Book 2)


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780552554107

ISBN-10 0552554103


Number of Pages 704 Pages
Language (English)

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Eldest: The Inheritance Cycle (Book 2) continues the story from where Eragon ended. Eragon must still train to become a dragon rider, for which he must reach the land of the elves. But that is not his only challenge. Summary Of The Book Eldest: The Inheritance Cycle (Book 2) follows three different plot lines. One follows Eragon and Saphira, one focuses on Roran and what happens in the village that Eragon left to set off on his journey. The third one tells the story of Nasuada, and what happens after her father is killed. Eragon and his friends have gained a little time by driving back the forces sent by Galbatorix. But Eragon knows that to really take on the mighty power of Galbatorix, he needs to learn more about the Dragon Riders and complete his training. Eragon has to travel to the land of the elves to complete his training as a Dragon Rider. Eragon is adopted by the dwarf King, Hrothgar, into his own clan. Hrothgar asks his brother Orik to go with Eragon to the forest, where they will find the man who will train Eragon and Saphira. Meanwhile, Roran has plans underway to marry Katrina, when the village is again attacked by the soldiers of Galbatorix. The villagers come together to drive off the intruders. The Ra'zac are driven back, but one of them kidnaps Katrina and Roran decides to follow them and get her back. Ajihad, the leader of the Varden is killed. His daughter Nasuada takes over the command after her father's funeral. Nasuada plans to move the Varden to Surda and launch an attack on the Empire from that base. Roran decides that he must get the help of the Varden if he has to rescue Katrina. He convinces the whole village to set off for Surda. On the way, Roran learns that his cousin Eragon is now a Dragon Rider. Eragon has problems continuing his training as the scars that he received in a duel trouble him. He also has other problems to face, as he is in love with Arya and does not know how to tell her. Saphira also has similar problems with a male dragon she is attracted to. As the situation builds up towards another confrontation with Galbatorix's soldiers, Eragon meets a few of his old friends and more secrets are revealed, all of which just lead to more complications. About Christopher Paolini Christopher Paolini is an American author of Young Adult Fantasy fiction. Other books by this author include Eragon, Brisingr and Inheritance. Christopher Paolini, born in 1983, was mostly home schooled. After passing his high school exams, Paolini began writing his first book about a boy and his dragon. The series, which was initially planned as a trilogy, expanded into a five book series which has now sold over 33 million copies worldwide. The first book was also made into a movie.