ISBN 9780195694284,Electric Circuits

Electric Circuits



Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780195694284

ISBN-10 0195694287


Edition 7th
Number of Pages 1032 Pages
Language (English)


The seventh edition of Electric Circuits is intended as a text for undergraduate students of electrical engineering, electronics, and related subjects. Giving a comprehensive coverage of electricity, magnetism, and DC and AC circuits, the book combines clear explanations with uncluttered illustrations to make the material interesting and easy to understand. This edition offers a more complete coverage of the syllabuses of various universities, including those in India. It features new chapters on filters, network parameters, computer analysis, network topology, and Laplace transforms. Assuming no previous electrical engineering knowledge, the text covers the full spectrum of electric circuit topics in a non-intimidating fashion, ranging from the fundamental concepts and simple DC circuits to complex AC network analysis, resonance, transformers, three-phase circuits, and computer graphical analysis. Key Features Numerous practical worked examples Step-by-step circuit analysis procedures for each type of circuit End-of-section practice problems with answers Explanations of the correct use of basic digital and analog instruments Computer graphic analysis of practical circuits Unit definitions, standard component values, conversion factors, and more in the appendices About the Author David A. Bell is a professional engineer who was employed as a circuit design specialist in the electronics industry for many years before becoming a professor at Lambton College of Applied Arts and Technology in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. He has written five textbooks in the area of electronics engineering, which have been in use in engineering institutions around the world as well as in India. Table of Contents Preface Chapter 1 Basics of Electricity Chapter 2 Measuring Current, Voltage, and Resistance Chapter 3 Ohm?s Law and Electrical Calculations, Chapter 4 Conductors, Insulators, and Resistors Chapter 5 Series Resistor Circuits Chapter 6 Parallel Resistor Circuits Chapter 7 Series-Parallel Resistor Circuits Chapter 8 Network Analysis Techniques Chapter 9 Network Theorems Chapter 10 Voltage Cells, Batteries, and DC Power Supplies Chapter 11 Magnetism Chapter 12 Magnetic Circuits Chapter 13 DC Measuring Instruments Chapter 14 Inductance Chapter 15 Capacitance Chapter 16 Inductance and Capacitance in DC Circuits Chapter 17 Alternating Current and Voltage Chapter 18 Phasors and Complex Numbers Chapter 19 Inductance and Capacitance in AC Circuits Chapter 20 Series and Parallel AC Circuits Chapter 21 Power in AC Circuits Chapter 22 AC Network Analysis and Theorems Chapter 23 Resonance Chapter 24 Filters Chapter 25 Transformers Chapter 26 Three-Phase AC Systems Chapter 27 Non-Sinusoidal Waveforms Chapter 28 Network Parameters Chapter 29 Circuit Analysis by Computer Chapter 30 Network Topology Chapter 31 Introduction to Laplace Transforms Appendix 1 Circuit Symbols Appendix 2 The International System of Units (SI Units) Appendix 3 Unit Conversion Factors Appendix 4 American Wire Gauge Sizes and Metric Equivalents Appendix 5 Resistor Color Code Appendix 6 Resistor and Capacitor Values Appendix 7 Determinants Appendix 8 Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems Index