ISBN 9780071333016,Electrical Power Distribution: Case Studies From Distribution Reform Upgrades And Management (DRUM) Program

Electrical Power Distribution: Case Studies From Distribution Reform Upgrades And Management (DRUM) Program



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780071333016

ISBN-10 0071333010

Hard Back

Number of Pages 284 Pages
Language (English)


The power distribution sector in India ails from high AT&C losses, deteriorating infrastructure, low access, and poor financial health of most utilities. The issues get compounded due to low focus on service quality and consumer welfare. Through the case studies in this book, we are trying to show a small way to overcome some of these hurdles. We present here some live examples of technology and process interventions which have the potential to significantly improve the distribution sector. The section on Smart Grid suggest the direction in which Indian distribution utilities should focus to take leap frog advantage of this game changing vision for a better future. Table of Contents 1. Introduction: Objectives Of Case Studies 2. Drum Project: An Introduction 3. White Paper: KPI Methodology 4. White Paper: The Consumer Satisfaction Survey Process For Indian Electricity Utilities 5. Case Study: High Voltage Distribution System (HVDS) Implementation In Bescom And Mgvcl 6. Case Study: Reduction In Distribution Transformer Failurerate In Bescom 7. Case Study: Installation Of 11 KV, 0.6 Mvar Line Capacitors On 11 Kv Feeders In Msedcl, Bescom And MGVD 8. White Paper: Replacement Of Electromechanical Meters With Electronic Meters 9. Case Study: Installation Of Auto Reclosures On 11Kv Feeders In Bescom 10. Case Study: Installation Of Fault Passage Indicators At Bescom, Msedcl And Mgvcl 11. Case Study: Remote Monitoring Of Reliability Indices In Bescom 12. Case Study: Load Research In Bescom 13. Case Study: Effects Of Harmonic Distortions In The Distribution System Of Bescom 14. White Paper: Alternate Business Models And Implementation Of A Franchisee 15. Case Study: Land Acquisition For SubStations In Msedcl 16. Case Study: Behavioral Training For Employees In Bescom, Msedcl And Mgvcl 17. White Paper: Smart Grid Vision For India?S Power Sector