ISBN 9780074602256,Electricity And Magnetism

Electricity And Magnetism



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780074602256

ISBN-10 007460225X


Number of Pages 508 Pages
Language (English)

Science fiction

This book is comprehensive, up-to-date text adopting a united approach to develop the subject in a logical and self-consistent manner. The book starts with an introductory chapter on vector analysis and develops the subject of electricity and magnetism up to the establishment of Maxwell's equations. Solved examples are included to facilitate the understanding of the theory described in each chapter. A set of problems included at the end of the chapters would lead to a better understanding of the basic concepts and principles associated with the theory. The book with its simple style and logical development of the subject matter should form a highly useful text for engineering students studying core courses in Physics and B.Sc. Physics students. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 Vector Analysis Chapter 2 The Electrostatic Field - I Chapter 3 The Electrostatic Field - II Chapter 4 Conductors, Capacitors and Electrostatic Energy Chapter 5 Dielectrics Chapter 6 Current Electricity Chapter 7 Magnetic Induction Chapter 8 Motion of Charged Particles in an Electromagnetic Field Chapter 9 Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction Chapter 10 LCR Circuits Chapter 11 Magnetic Fields in Material Media Chapter 12 Maxwell's Equations