ISBN 9780070702141,Electricity And Magnetism In Si Units (Volume - 2)

Electricity And Magnetism In Si Units (Volume - 2)



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780070702141

ISBN-10 0070702144


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 512 Pages
Language (English)

Electricity, magnetism & electromagnetism

This classic text is widely considered to be the best overall introductory text book on the subject . It has a complete and integrated coverage suitable for someone who wants to understand the underlying concepts of the subject. Salient Features Usage of SI Units throughout the book Coverage of all important topics like Electric potential, Electric fields around conductors, Electric currents, The magnetic field, Electromagnetic induction, Magnetic fields, Alternating current, Magnetic fields in matter Rich pedagogy 355 Figures comprising Relevant sketches, Graphs, Circuit diagrams 309 Problems organized chapter-wise TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Electrostatics: Charges and Fields 2. The Electric Potential 3. Electric Fields Around Conductors 4. Electric Currents 5. The Fields Of Moving Charges 6. The Magnetic Field 7. Electromagnetic Induction 8. Alternating-Current Circuits 9. Maxwell's Equations and Electromagnetic Waves 10. Electric Fields in Matter 11. Magnetic Fields in Matter