ISBN 9781259004599,Electricity Magnetism And Electromagnetic Theory

Electricity Magnetism And Electromagnetic Theory



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781259004599

ISBN-10 1259004597

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Number of Pages 624 Pages
Language (English)

Electrical engineering

This textbook is designed for a complete course on Electricity, Magnetism, and Electromagnetic theory which is usually taught at the undergraduate level in Physics. The main USP of the textbook is its coverage of topics spanning from introductory to a more advanced level in an interesting, clear and instructive manner.

Table of Contents
Mathematical Preliminaries
1 Vector Algebra
2 Coordinate Systems
3 Vector Analysis
4 Solid Angle
5 Dirac Delta Function
6 Complex Numbers
7 Matrices
8 Differential Equations
1. Electric Forces
1.1 Electric Charge
1.2 Coulombs Law
1.3 Electric Field, Lines of Force
1.4 Electric Flux
1.5 Gausss Law
1.6 A Different Terms of Gausss Law
1.7 Advanced Topics
2. Electric Potential
2.1 Line Integral and Curl of the Electric Field
2.2 Electrostatic Potential
2.3 Potential Due to a Collection of Point Charges
2.4 Potential Due to a Continuous Charge Distribution
2.5 Laplace and Poisson Equations
2.6 Energy of the Electrostatic Field
2.7 Advanced Topics
3. Electric Fields in Matter
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Bulk Matter: Dielectrics and Conductors
3.3 Dielectrics
3.4 Coulombs Law in a Dielectric
3.5 Laplace and Poisson Equations: Boundary Conditions in the Presence of Dielectrics
3.6 Average and Local Fields
3.7 Advanced Topics
4. Conductors and Capacitance
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Conductors in an Electric Field
4.3 Method of Images
4.4 Capacitance of Conductors
5. Electric Currents
5.1 Current Density
5.2 Electrolytic Cells
5.3 Currents in Conductors: Ohms Law
5.4 Resistors and Resistive Circuits
5.5 Joule Heating
5.6 Combination of Resistors
5.7 Networks
5.8 Network Theorems
6. Magnetic Forces and Fields
6.1 Magnetic Force on a Current Carrying Conductor
6.2 Motion of Charged Particles in Electric and Magnetic Fields
6.3 Hall Effect
6.4 Force on a Current Carrying Loop
6.5 Sources and Properties of Magnetic Field
6.6 Amperes Law
6.7 Magnetic Vector Potential
7. Magnetic Properties of Matter
7.1 Magnetic Materials
7.2 Magnetism at the Atomic Level
7.3 Magnetisation as Bound Currents
7.4 Magnetic Fields
7.5 Diamagnetism and Para-magnetism in Bulk Matter
7.6 Ferromagnetism
7.7 Zeeman Effect
7.8 Boundary Value Problems with
7.9 Magnetic Circuits
7.10 Advanced Topic
8. Electromagnetic Induction
8.1 Faradays Experiments
8.3 Lenzs Law
8.4 Energy in a Magnetic Field
8.5 Self- and Mutual Inductance
8.6 Circuits with Inductances
8.7 Advanced Topic
9. Time Dependent Circuits and Alternating Currents
9.1 Introduction
9.2 LC Circuit
9.3 LCR Circuits
9.4 Alternating Currents
9.5 LR Circuits with Alternating Currents
9.6 LCR Circuits with Alternating Currents
9.7 Mutual Inductance and Transformers
10. Maxwell s Equations
10.1 Revisiting Amperes Circuital Law and Maxwell's Modification
10.2 Maxwell's Equations without Dielectrics
10.3 Maxwell's Equations in Polarisable Media
10.4 Electromagnetic Energy Density
10.5 Electromagnetic Waves
10.6 Dispersion in a Medium
10.7 Phase and Group Velocities
10.8 Electromagnetic Waves at Interfaces: Reflection and Refraction
11. Applications of Maxwell's Equations
11.1 Maxwell's Equations in the Presence of Conductors
Propagating Wave Solutions
11.3 Propagation of E.M Waves in Presence of Conductors Wave Guides
11.4 Electromagnetic Potentials
11.5 Oscillating Charges and Currents Dipole Radiation
12. Relativity and Electrodynamics
12.1 Galilean Relativity
12.2 Lorentz Transformations
12.3 Consequences of Lorentz Transformations
12.4 Momentum and Energy of Particles
12.5 Four Vectors
12.6 Transformation of Electric and Magnetic Field