ISBN 9780070702400,Electromagnetics With Applications

Electromagnetics With Applications



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070702400

ISBN-10 0070702403


Edition 5th
Number of Pages 640 Pages
Language (English)

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

This book is a classic and has been one of the traditional market leaders since its first publication in 1953. In the fifth edition, transmission lines and other practical applications are addressed early in the text and the coverage of electrostatics is reduced to make this book suitable for a one-semester course. This text provides flexibility in that the core material is provided in the first five chapters with supplementary material that may be used as desired in the remaining chapters Key Features Hundreds of real-world examples. A chapter on Numerical Techniques. Web based Programs and Projects. Numerous problems with varying degrees of difficulty Table Of Contents Introduction Electric and Magnetic Fields Transmission Lines Wave Propagation, Attenuation, Polarization, Reflection, Refraction and Diffraction Antennas, Radiation, Radar and Wireless Electrodynamics Dielectric and Magnetic Materials Waveguides, Resonators and Fiber Optics Bio Electromagnetics Electromagnetic Effects in High-Speed Digital Systems Numerical Methods Appendixe TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Introduction. 2 Electric and Magnetic Fields. 3 Transmission Lines. 4 Wave Propagation, Attenuation, Polarization, Reflection, Refraction and Diffraction. 5 Antennas, Radiation, Radar and Wireless. 6 Electrodynamics. 7 Dielectric and Magnetic Materials. 8 Waveguides, Resonators and Fiber Optics. 9 Bio Electromagnetics. 10 Electromagnetic Effects in High-Speed Digital Systems. 11Numerical Techniques