ISBN 9788131518410,Electronic Communication Systems

Electronic Communication Systems



Cengage Learning India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788131518410

ISBN-10 8131518418

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Edition 2nd
Language (English)

Electrical engineering

Now in its second edition, Electronic Communications Systems provides electronics technologists with an extraordinarily complete, accurate, and timely introduction to all of the state-of-the-art technologies used in the communications field today. Comprehensive coverage includes traditional analog systems, as well as modern digital techniques. Extensive discussion of today's modern wireless systems- including cellular, radio, paging systems, and wireless data networks- is also included. In addition, sections on data communication and the internet, high-definition television, and fiber optics have been updated in this edition to enable readers to keep pace with the latest technological advancements. A block-diagram approach is emphasized throughout the book, with circuits included when helpful to lead readers to an understanding of fundamental principles. Instructive, step-by-step examples using MultiSIM, in addition to those that use actual equipment and current manufacturer's specifications, are also included. Knowledge of basic algebra and trigonometry is assumed, yet no calculus is required.

Key Features

All-new examples of the use of software in communications systems have been added, particularly in chapters on transmission lines and antennas, to maintain the focus on current industry practice.
Communication over all currently used media- including copper, radio and optical channels- is addressed in detail.
All-new full-color photographs, plus drawings that have been revised and reproduced in color to make them easier to understand, enhance readability.
MultiSIM is used in many of the circuit examples, providing opportunities for readers to engage in a highly interactive, technology-driven learning experience based in circuit simulation.
New "Using MatLab" feature provides MatLab examples throughout the book, enhancing students' understanding of the application of communications systems.
New "Electronics...Rewind" and "Electronics...Fast Forward" features provide interesting historical background information, as well as information about how technology is utilized today.
A Lab Manual provides a set of experiments that cover the basic concepts of analog and digital communications systems.
Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Communication Systems.
2. Radio-Frequency Circuits.
3. Amplitude Modulation.
4. Angle Modulation.
5. Transmitters.
6. Receivers.
7. Digital Communication.
8. The Telephone System.
9. Data Transmission.
10. Local-Area Networks.
11. Wide-Area Networks and the Internet.
12. Digital Modulation and Modems.
13. Multiple-Access Techniques.
14. Transmission Lines.
15. Radio-Wave Propagation
16. Antennas.
17. Microwave Devices and Circuits.
18. Terrestrial Communication Systems.
19. Television.
20. Satellite Communication.
21. Cellular Radio.
22. Personal Communication Systems.
23. Paging and Wireless Data Networking.
24. Fiber Optics.
25. Optical Communication Systems