ISBN 9780070617117,Electronic Devices And Circuits : Principles And Applications

Electronic Devices And Circuits : Principles And Applications



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780070617117

ISBN-10 0070617112


Number of Pages 792 Pages
Language (English)

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The book provides elementary treatment on construction, functioning, characteristics and applications of semiconductor devices. The treatment emphasizes on developing clear understanding of the device functionality. Key features Lays emphasis on important concepts like- Loading, regulation, dependent and independent sources, fundamental linear circuit analysis laws and theorems. The chapters 'Essential Basics' and 'Semiconductor Physics' for ready reference. The theory is followed by performance parameters which help establish essential link between theory and practice. The stress is on discussion of real devices and behavior of practical circuits. Solved problems are given w.r.t. real components and practical devices. Pedagogy: 103 Examples 70 Unsolved Problems with Answers 340 Review Questions 48 Exercise Problems. Table of content :- Chapter 1: Essential Basics Chapter 2: Semiconductor Physics Chapter 3: Diodes and Applications Chapter 4: Field Effect Transistors and Applications Chapter 5: Bipolar Junction Transistor and Applications Chapter 6: Operational Amplifiers and Applications Chapter 7: Frequency Response Chapter 8: Feedback and Oscillators Chapter 9: Linear Voltage Regulators and Voltage References APPENDICES: 1. Physical Constants 2. Resistors, Standard Values, Tolerance And Resistor Series 3. Selection Guidelines For Resistors 4. Capacitors, Selection Guidelines And Applications 5. Properties Of Commonly Used Semiconductor Materials 6. Transistor Data Sheets and Their Interpretation 7. Common Mode Signals, Grounding, Shielding 8. Introduction To Circuit Simulation 9. Ieee Frequency Spectrum