ISBN 9780070992085,Electronic Engineering Materials And Devices

Electronic Engineering Materials And Devices



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780070992085

ISBN-10 0070992088


Number of Pages 303 Pages
Language (English)

Electronic devices & materials

The text is based in the main on a series of lectures and courses given to University undergraduates in their first, second, and final years. For this reason a choice had to be made between subdividing the subject matter so as to make the level of treatment progressively more dificult or arranging the material in a more logically acceptable way. The former method is usual in teaching, where the presentation has to be geared to the mathematical ability of the student, but it suffers the disadvantage of lack of continuity, each device being described on several occassions, each time with an increasing depth of treatment. In this book, the latter course has been adopted to provide a text which unifies much of the material and the device teaching over the complete subject range, so emphasizing the relevance of each topic. The main advantage is that while, the student is able to cover the contents by any one of many routes, dictated by his own ability or as directed by his tutor, he will at the same time possess a book which amalgamates all the materials into a coherent whole.