ISBN 9788176566230,Electronics for Today & Tomorrow

Electronics for Today & Tomorrow


Tom Duncan


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BPB Publications

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788176566230

ISBN-10 8176566233


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Engineering

Electronics is the key to the new industrial evolution.Today not only students of science and technology,but alsoandmany studying for technician qualification require a through basic knowledge of the subject.andThis book by one of the foremost authors in the field has been written to meet such requirements.In just over a hundred study units,Tom Duncan’s characteristically clear text covers basic,analogue,digital and systems electronics,satisfying needs in many post G C S E Courses of electronics,science and technology both in the UK and overseas.andTable of contents:andChapter 1andandandandandandandand Basic ElectricityChapter 2andandandandandandandand Components and circuitsChapter 3andandandandandandandand TransducersChapter 4andandandandandandandand Semiconductor diodesChapter 5andandandandandandandand TransistorsChapter 6andandandandandandandand Power supplies and safetyChapter 7andandandandandandandand Measuring instrumentsChapter 8andandandandandandandand Analogue electronicsChapter 9andandandandandandandand Digital electronicsChapter 10andandandandandand Information and electronicsChapter 11andandandandandand Audio systemsChapter 12andandandandandand Radio and televisionChapter 13andandandandandand Telephone systemChapter 14andandandandandand Computers and microprocessors