ISBN 9780852745892,Electrostatics, Principles, Problems and Applications

Electrostatics, Principles, Problems and Applications


Jean Cross


CRC Press



CRC Press

Publication Year 1987

ISBN 9780852745892

ISBN-10 0852745893


Number of Pages 520 Pages
Language (English)

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Electrostatic effects have been known since ancient times but only with the discovery of the electron in the present century has an adequate theory started to develop to explain them. There is now renewed interest in the subject caused by the need to understand the electrostatic causes of explosions, and industrial applications such as electrostatic powder coating and photocopying. This book provides a comprehensive study of the cause and effects of charge accumulation in solids and liquids. The basic theory of electrostatics is presented at the beginning of the book and all the applications and problems which are subsequently described can be understood using this. For those readers who wish a higher-level treatment the final chapter is devoted to more advanced theory and covers, for example, solutions of Laplace's equation and Earnshaw's theorem. The bulk of the book covers the applications of electrostatics. There is a treatment of the electrification of solids and liquids, including corona and induction charging, followed by a chapter on measurement and instrumentation. There are many industrial applications of electrostatic effects, for example in pollution control and metal finishing, and these areas are covered comprehensively. On the other hand, electrostatics can be a problem causing, for example, excessive wear due to electrostatic adhesive forces. These areas are also fully discussed. Extensive references are given, to enable readers who wish to study one particular aspect in greater depth to pursue the subject further. Little calculus is used so that this book will be readily understood by engineers and scientists of any discipline. As such, it is an accessible, as well as a comprehensive, source of reference to everyone concerned with electrostatics.