ISBN 9780030973567,Elementary Algebra

Elementary Algebra



W.B. Saunders Company

Publication Year 1994

ISBN 9780030973567

ISBN-10 0030973562


Edition 5th
Number of Pages 484 Pages
Language (English)

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Ideal for elementary or beginning algebra lecture courses, the fifth edition of ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA retains the same effectively integrated pedagogical format and unsurpassed accuracy that has made it a best seller. Attention is given to motivating the development of good problem-solving skills. Proven mathematics author Pat McKeague applies his trademark clear, accessible writing style to explain and present algebra so students understand the material, do well on exams, and are successful in intermediate algebra. Consistent chapter organization helps students develop successful study habits. The linking to topics throughout the text and series shows students the continuity of mathematics. Features: * Consistent chapter pedagogy includes: a Chapter Opener with Introduction: Overview and Study Skills: boxed Definitions, Strategies, and Rules: Examples/Solutions: Calculator Notes (for scientific calculators): Problems: Chapter Summary: Common Mistakes: Review Problems: Chapter Test: and Research Project. * Chapter Overviews introduce new material and show the connection to previously learned material. Chapter Summaries list properies and definitions from the chapter, provide warnings aginst common mistakes, and give illustrative examples for each topic summarized. * To stimulate interest, real-world applications are included in most sections, providing opportunities for problem solving and illustrating the usefulness of mathematical skills. * Section problem sets contain drill problems of progressive difficulty, "Applying the Concepts", exercises requiring written response, and numerous application problems. Review Problems cover material previous chapters that is needed for understanding topics in the next section and continually reinforce skills. * Each pair of consecutive problems in the exercise sets is similar, with answers to odd-numbered problems provided in the back of the book. This arrangement lets students check their work against answered problems, then try the even-numbered problems on their own. * All four operations with fractions are covered early, setting the stage for fractions in equations and inequalities throughout the rest of the book. New to this edition: * New four-color design enhances the overall presentation and makes graphs easier to read and interpret.