ISBN 9789380914121,Emosional Atyachar

Emosional Atyachar



General Press Publisher

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380914121

ISBN-10 9380914121


Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)


Ankit Uttam's Emosional Atyachar is a romance fiction that relates the story of the protagonist Vimarsh. Vimarsh works with a boss who still believes in slavery and has made Vimarsh his slave. The book is a story of nightmares that have enveloped the protagonist's life. The author has ensured to place those nightmares with such twists and turns that the story becomes compelling and enjoyable to read. Vimarsh has a best friend who is more prone to backstabbing and blackmailing rather than following the impractical rules of old day friendships. He has also found the love of his life but she is busy exploring other options and flirting with other ugly frogs. The only glitch is that the latest ugly frog she has met earns 5 times money more than Vimarsh. After all these situations, Vimarsh is left with just one solution, attempting suicide. But even fate does not favor him and death betrays him. Another twist comes when he realizes that he has got a serious adulteration in his blood and now he is left with just one hundred and twenty days to live. There's one condition that he has to fulfill to survive, which is he must kill somebody. The mystery game begins and for Vimarsh, death is most awaited. The author takes the story to such a turn where Vimarsh realizes that revenge was never so sweet, love was never so alluring, and death was never this awaited. Now, the question is how far will he go to claim his life and the love of his life? This novel is a story beyond love, beyond revenge, and beyond life.