ISBN 9781938755804,Emotions - Freedom from Anger, Jealousy and Fear

Emotions - Freedom from Anger, Jealousy and Fear





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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9781938755804

ISBN-10 1938755804


Number of Pages 152 Pages
Language (English)


Emotional reactions which carry us away are one of the most common causes of bad moods and interpersonal relationship problems. Both in our personal life as well as at work, emotions burden our relationships, influence our well-being and sometimes even attack our physical health.

In this special collection of pithy, memorable excerpts from some of his best-loved talks, Osho tackles the "big three" emotions of fear, anger and jealousy - the most common storms that can overtake otherwise sane, rational people and turn them into strangers both to themselves and to those around them. Strong emotions that we don't know how to handle can affect our relationships with loved ones and interfere with our creativity and how we function at work. They play a profound role in how we feel about ourselves and when unaddressed they can even affect our physical health. All too often when these emotions arise, we find ourselves confronting the dilemma of "expression" versus "repression".

Expressing how we feel might hurt others or create further conflict and misunderstanding. But at the same time, experience tells us that repressing what we feel, even in the benevolent guise of "self-control," doesn't make those feelings go away. Instead we can feel stuck and ill-at-ease, or worse, find ourselves erupting over some small, trivial thing that has triggered an old unhealed emotional wound. Osho offers a third alternative to expression or repression, which is to look deeply and understand the very roots of the emotions and to develop the knack of watching them and learning from them as they arise, rather than being "taken over" by them. Eventually we find that even the most challenging and difficult situations no longer have the power to provoke us and cause us pain. The unique insights in this little book-into the workings of the mind, the heart and the essence or "being" of the individual-go far beyond the conventions and understandings of Western psychology. In the course of more than three decades of work with people from all walks of life, Osho has developed simple meditation and awareness techniques to help modern-day men and women to better understand themselves and others and in the process to rediscover their own inner silence and wisdom. This book is one that readers will want to keep handy at the bedside or on the desk-to come back to again and again as they grow in their understanding of themselves and others 

About the Author

Osho is a contemporary mystic whose life and teachings have influenced millions of people of all ages and from all walks of life. His often provocative and challenging teachings generate today more and more interest and his readership is dramatically expanding around the world in more than fifty languages. People can easily recognize the wisdom of his insights and their relevance to our lives and to the issues we are facing today. The Sunday Times in London named Osho as one of the "1,000 Makers of the 20th Century". He is known around the world for his revolutionary contribution to meditation-the science of inner transformation-with the unique approach of his "Osho Active Meditations" acknowledging the accelerated pace of contemporary life and bringing meditation into modern life.