ISBN 9780192802231,Empire: A Very Short Introduction

Empire: A Very Short Introduction




Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9780192802231

ISBN-10 0192802232


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)

General & world history

A great deal of the world's history is the history of empires. Indeed it could be said that all history is colonial history, if one takes a broad enough definition and goes far enough back. And although the great historic imperial systems, the land-based Russian one as well as the seaborne empires of western European powers, have collapsed during the past half century, their legacies shape almost every aspect of life on a global scale. Meanwhile there is fierce argument, and much speculation, about what has replaced the old territorial empires in world politics. Do the United States and its allies, transnational companies, financial and media institutions, or more broadly the forces of 'globalization', constitute a new imperial system? Stephen Howe interprets the meaning of the idea of 'empire' through the ages, disentangling the multiple uses and abuses of the labels 'empire', 'colonialism', etc., and examines the aftermath of imperialism on the contemporary world. Salient Features A lively introduction to the concept of 'empire', 'imperialism', and 'colonialism' Examines imperialism's diverse and often bizarre afterlives in the contemporary world Raises questions about whether globalization constitutes a new imperial system Spans the history of empires, from ancient Rome to the modern British empires Stephen Howe is an expert in this field TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Who's an Imperialist? 2. Ancient Empire 3. Empire by Land 4. Empire by Sea 5. Death of the Seaborne Empires 6. Death of the Land Empires 7. Afterlives and Rebirths of Empire 8. Studying Empires: Prejudice and Progress, Cash and Culture