Encyclopaedia of Mahatma Gandhi - 2 vols




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Publication Year 2018


ISBN-10 9384533203
Edition 1st

Encyclopaedias And References

Gandhi was born on October 2 1869 , at porbandar , Mohandas or Mohan was youngest of the three sons of Putlibai and Karamchand  Gandhi , In  Modern terminology Gandhi ji strategy is modified in terms of pattern of growth , which preliminary uses renewable resources and a minimum Utilisation of non renewable resources . Though concern for the environment was not the focus of such prescriptions yet such strategy helped to minimize the degradation of environment the environment friendly nature of gandhian economic is further revealed when one notes the emphasis on the last man in such policy poverty has been described as the most server polluter . The gandhian prescription of simple living also attempts to put a check on unlimited consumption and unending exploitation Hindus and Muslim . Gandhi was short to death in Delhi in January 1948 by a Hindu Fundamentalist . In January 1948 Gandhi carried out yet another fast this time to bring about peace in the city of delhi . On january 30, 12 days after that fast ended, Gandhi was on his way to an evening prayer meeting in Delhi when he was shot to death by Nathuram Godse , a Hindu fanatic enraged by mahatma; efforts to negotiate with Jinnah and other Muslims. The next day roughly 1 million people followed the procession as Gandhi’s body was carried in state through the streets of the city and cremated on the banks of the holy jumna River

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