ISBN 9788178352794,Encyclopaedia of Primitive Tribes In India, Vol.2

Encyclopaedia of Primitive Tribes In India, Vol.2


P.K. Mohanty



Kalpaz Publications

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788178352794

ISBN-10 8178352796

Hard Back

Number of Pages 334 Pages
Language (English)


Settled in the far flung areas, mostly in or around the forests, the primitive tribes in various states pass through an arduous life facing acute difficulties for their livelihood. They possess household implements like baskets and small traps and earthen pots for storing water. In respect of dress and ornament, a small-sized piece of cloth is used by the males; and female wear cloth to cover waist, breast and back Most of them are non-vegetarians. They also use rice and pulses as a part of their daily meals. Both males and females consume plenty of tobacco and chew betal nuts.

Some of the tribes are engaged in cultivation. Marriages are arranged within the clan. The local panchayat consisting of elderly persons deals with different cases like elopement, quarrels due to suspicion and mutual distrust, divorce, violation of tribe endogamy, petty thefts and other minor disputes. The local panchayat is empowered to impose a fine orders, punitive feasts or excommunicate an offender for serious violation of social customs.

Efforts, having deep links with several welfare schemes, sponsored by the central and state governments are in the pipe line. Of course, there appers to be a change for the better in their socio-economic, cultural, physical and educational standards.

The volume will be useful for bureaucrats, planners, anthropologists, teachers and students in India and abroad.